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Periodontitis treatment in Palma de Mallorca y Barcelona

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The extensive scientific proof relating diseases in the mouth and the rest of the body is a very important topic now a day. Periodontitis is known to be linked directly with heart problems, inflamatory problems, autoinmune disease, diabetes, arthritis or even Alzheimer.

Gums and bone are the base of the mouth, infections in these areas will weaken the mouth and teeth could fall out.
At the Peralta Silverstone dental Clinic we have our own periodontist, Daniel Peralta Silverstone specialist in this field. The most important is to have regular check ups to diagnose in time and prevent the risk of losing teeth to make sure you can keep smiling for a long time.


Gum desease appears in diferents way, bleeding gums, bad breath, bad tastein your mouth, inflamation, redness and puffiness of the gum around the teeth. Gum desease is divided into:


Inflamation and bleeding of the gum due to a build up of bacteria. Eventhough we know it’s a multifactorial disease, it may be stress related, due to hormonal problems, pregnancy, allergy to materials in your mouth, like metals, or old composites among other reasons. Once the problem is solved, gums tend to go back to their normal state.


In this case it is the gums and the bone around the teeth that are affected, sometimes it progressese unnoticiable or symptom free until teeth start to move and fallo out. Unlike gingivitis, periodontitis isn’t reversible.

Gum retraction

In some cases gums retract, showing most part of the tooth and root exposed, this leads into a build up of plaque, bad breath and sometimes tooth mobility. These teeth may also suffer of intense sensitivity to cold food and drink. The reasons to treat these cases are to avoid sensitivity problems, tooth decay in exposed areas and aesthetic reasons.


A clean and healthy mouth, translates into a strong and beautiful mouth. it helps you to:
✔ .
✔ To feel more atractive and shine with a beautiful smile.
✔ Contributes to treat halitosis.
✔ To prevent systemic diseases the have a correlation to mouth bacteria such as heart disease, diabetes, artritis and Alzheimer among others.

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The Peralta Silverstone dental practice was founded in 2016 by its chief medical officer Daniel Peralta Silverstone We have a team of specialists with over 10 years of experience in taking care of patients in a professional and familiar way.

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What happen if I dont take care of my gums?

1. Infections:
if you have a hole in your tooth and it is not taken care of, this will progree affecting the nerve with and infection and inflamation.

2. Loosing teeth:
as periodontitis advances the deepest gum tissue is affected, spreading to the bone surrounding the tooth. At this stage teeth become loose and start to fall out. At this stage teeth become loose and start to fall out.

3. Necrosis or infection of the nervous tissue

5. Facial Cellulitis:
it consists of severe inflamation of the facial soft tissue, once the bacteria of tooth decay has spread beyond the nervous tissue.

6. Health problems:
periodontitis may have serious effects on your general health, increasing risk to develop, cardiovascular illnesess, diabetes, lung infecctions, preterm birth and misscariage.