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Pediatric dentist in Palma de Mallorca and Barcelona

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Pediatric dentistry is the branch of dentistry that specialises in treating childrens oral health.

Our specialists are in charge of checking and treating our younger patients, from birth until 12 years old.

The pediatric dentist has studied the temporary teeth in depth, its development, preventive measures and treatment for every case.


✔ Early detection of any posible anomaly in teeth or the maxilary bone position.
In these cases they will be appointed to our in house childrens orthopedic specialist who will treat to correct the maxillary bones development.

✔ Treat any accidental trauma to the teeth.
As we know childres are always playing and jumping carelessly, and sometimes they can knock a tooth, causing it to crack or even to fall out. It is very important to treat them urgently in these situations.

✔ Tooth decay treatment in temporary dentition.
Tooth decay in milk teeth is not just a desease that has to be treated, for some children tooth decay can be quite severe affecting their every day normal activities like, eating, sleeping, talking playing and delaying their adjustment to school.

✔ Space maintenance.
In cases that a temporary tooth has been lost before its time, our specilist will work on maintening the space for the permanente or adult tooth to grow without any inconvenience.


The Spanish Asociation of Pediatric dentistry recommends to start with regular dental visits at 3 years of age, once all 20 temporary teeth have erupted.


✔ Early detection of any oral health problems.
✔ Early detection of bite, speaking or breathing problems.
✔ Prevention and treatment of tooth decay.
✔ Detection of tooth trauma related to bangs and falls.
✔ Teaching good oral health habbits.

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The Peralta Silverstone dental practice was founded in 2016 by its chief medical officer Daniel Peralta Silverstone We have a team of specialists with over 10 years of experience in taking care of patients in a professional and familiar way.

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Why should I take my child to the dentist?

1. The main reason is to give the parents the right knowledge for prevention, as oral health problems may appear at early stages.

2. It is very important to keep baby teeth healthy so that the replacement of permanent teeth follows its own natural course. These teeth play an important role in, masticatory function, speech development, space maintenance, and correct maxillary bone growth.

3. If tooth decay is a high risk in your child and the first definitive molars have very pronounced anatomy with deep fissures and grooves, we can assess and decide on a painless and preventitive measure and have them sealed.

4. It is very important visit the pediatric dentist if a bang or fall has been on the face or mouth. Las raíces de los dientes temporales están íntimamente en contacto con los dientes permanentes sucesores que se están formando dentro del hueso. Temporary teeth have long roots that are very close to the permanente teeth that are devoloping inside the bone. During this period, any trauma on the teeth may affect the natural eruption that occurs in between 7 or 8 years of age.