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Neurofocal dentistry in Palma de Mallorca and Barcelona

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At Peralta Silverstone Dental Clinic our main goal is heal from the mouth, taking that in mind we plan your dental treatment aiming to reduce, erase or diminish any possible affliction in your body. Our main objective is improving you life quality.


Neurofocal dentistry o NFO, is a new established dentistry approach complementary to traditional dentistry.

It’s a speciality that recognises and treats the link between the tooth, nervous system and the rest of the bodies orgarns studying its connections as well as the role it plays in any part of our body.

It consists on a broader view on dentistry where teeth are not considered individually but in a holistic way, as they are related to the the rest of the body.


This approach understands that finding and treating the root cause is the key to healing, these triggers are known as “interference fields”. These may me present in ones mouth and may cause irritation to the nervous system, affecting negatively different parts of your body and weakening your heath.

Neurofocal dentistry indentifies and corrects problems caused by interference fields found in the mouth that are affecting the body and viceversa.

Illnesses like arthitis, cystitis, neuralgia, frequent headaches, infertility, skin allergies, etc. could be mouth related.

Among the list on interference fields that disrupt the bodies natural information flux we can find wisdom teeth, heavy metals in the mouth, like amalgam fillings, old root canal treatments, some implants, cavitations, abandoned roots, etc.


A thorough and extended history chart is performed alongside a clinical examination. Our specialists in Neurofocal dentistry, detect if the illness your suffer from could be related to your mouth.

Similarly, we will offer you dental treatments that improve your dental heath and overall well-being.


Neural Therapy is a treatment focused on the Vegetative Nervous System (VNS). Neural Therapy`s aim is to allow for self healing mechanisms to take over and work on the irritated areas in the body, this works by stimulating certain points of the nervous system. Neural Therapy consists of small injections in specific areas depending on the life history of each patient and will help the nervous system to find a new order more balanced to help with underlying issues like pain, infection, allergies or hormonal imbalance, among others.

Relationship of teeth with organs of the body