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Orthodontic treatment in Palma de Mallorca

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Orthodontics is a specialty of dentistry that corrects defects and irregularities in tooth position. By improving teeth alignment you achieve a better bite which benefits the care of neighboring structures that way avoiding headaches, clenching, grinding, cervical and back pains.

The correction of teeth with Orthodonticsis a dental treatment performed by our specialists at the Peralta Silverstone Dental Clinic. ¡Sonríe sin Complejos!

What can i acchieve with braces?

Well aligned teeth:this allows better access to hygiene and thus prevents cavities and periodontal (gum) problems.

• It allows you to chew better, which helps you to grind your food, resulting in a good digestion.

• A correct mastication of food will improve your health, favoring your digestion and absorption of nutrients from and avoiding possible gastrointestinal problems, such as bloating after eating.

You will relieve the temporomandibular joint (TMJ) by avoiding muscular overload, by having your teeth in the correct position and chewing properly the forces will be balanced.



Interceptive orthodontics.
Removable orthodontic devices.

These are removable appliances that are usually used in children and in some cases adults in the years of growth and development. This is the type of orthodontics that we use in our patients in Palma de Mallorca, and it usually involves two phases. This beingthe first one and followed by a corrective phase, either with brackets or invisalign.

Corrective orthodontics.
Orthodontic appliances with brackets.

As a patient of the Peralta Silverstone Dental Clinic in Mallorca, your treatment may consist of brackets. These may be metal braces or aesthetic ones. They both work in the same way. Brackets are small structures that are attached to the teeth, and by means of arches that are supported on them, they apply a controlled force on the teeth with the aim to align your teeth. The difference between one and the other lies in the aesthetic factor. Aesthetic brackets are made of ceramic or sapphire, which blend in very well with the colour of the tooth and are therefore less noticeable. On the other hand, metal brackets allow for a greater versatility.


Invisalign system
Official clinic in Palma de Mallorca

Invisalign is an invisible orthodontic system with removable aligners. It’s a custom designed treatment, which consists of a series of invisible aligners that are changed every two weeks until the correct position of the teeth is achieved. At present it is the most comfortable, easy, discreet and highly demanded system for correcting the position of teeth in both adults and children.

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Deciding on an Orthodontic Treatment

Which is the best orthodontic treatment for me?

In orthodontics, as in any treatment, the most important thing is an assessment and diagnosis by a specialist. It is essential to listen to you and to know your expectations of the treatment in order to offer you the one that best suits your needs and preferences.

At the Dental Peralta Silverstone Clinic we are proud to help our patients achieve the smile they have always wanted. It is important to us that you are happy, at ease and content with your treatment, which is why we have the best team, including our specialist in orthodontics, Javier Gelabert, with extensive experience in this field.

After a thorough clinical examination, radiographic study, intra and extra oral photographs, we will be able to determine what type of malocclusion your teeth have and propose the best solution to correct it.

What happens if I don’t correct the position of my teeth?

1. Temporomandibular Joint:
when the teeth do not mesh well they can create a problem of bad positioning of this joint, an inflammation with or without arthrosis.

2. Mastication problems:
if there is not a good grinding of the food, it will create digestion problems and assimilation of the food.

3. Gum problems:
if teeth are badly positioned, the physiological sweeping of the tongue and lips does not take place, which causes the gums to become inflamed due to the easy deposit of bacteria. It is also more complicated to brush correctly as it is not possible to reach all the surfaces properly if the teeth are crowded one on top of the other.

4. Dental aesthetics problems:
aesthetics will have repercussions both at a dental level and from an aesthetic point of view on the lower third of the face.