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Prosthodontic dentistry in Palma de Mallorca and Barcelona

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The loss of a tooth affects chewing, ages a person’s appearance and affects self esteem. Nowadays at the Peralta Silverstone Dental Clinic,we have the technological resources and the knowledge to regain a full functioning mouth without any teeth thanks to dentures.


Fixed dental prosthesis

These are the ones that cannot be withdrawn by the patient, that is, they must be removed by a dentist. These are divided into:

Crowns or bridges: they are used to restore one or more teeth. They need a previous preparation.

Fixed prostheticson implants: used to recover the functionality and aesthetics of the entire arch. They consist of a prosthetic structure fixed by screws or cemented on to the implants that have been previously placed.

Hybrid prostheseson implants: in some cases the lack of teeth results in a reabsorption of the bone. In this case, a hybrid prosthesis is ideal.


They are those that can be removed by the patient himself. They are the most chosen choice in patients who cannot undergo dental implant placement, because they don’t have the right conditions for it. These dentures prostheses have the following classification:

• Full dentures: these dentures encompass the entire bone crest, that is the full extensión of the bone where the natural teeth were previously located.  

• Partial acrylic dentures: when the patient has an oral area with no teeth, but still has some teeth in the arch, these dentures can be placed.

• Partial dentures reinforced with metal: used when the patient has several areas without teeth in an arch.


✔ Regain a natural look of your mouth
✔ Regain chewing function
✔ Provides greater health to your mouth
✔ Improves quality of life
✔ Improves the aesthetic part of your face
✔ Comfort
✔ Regain the confidence to smile

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The Peralta Silverstone dental practice was founded in 2016 by its chief medicalofficer Daniel Peralta Silverstone. We have a team of specialists with over 10 years of experience in taking care of patients in a professional and familiar way.

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What happens if I don’t get a denture?

1. It affects the aesthetics of your smile and your self-esteem.

2. The loss of more than one dental tooth in the anterior sector can mean the sinking of the lip inwards. People who suffer from it see how their appearance is noticeably aged.

3. The loss of a dental tooth -specially in the anterior sector- makes the phonation of some sounds very difficult. For example, the sound of the letter ef and zed.

4. When a tooth is missing, food impacts against the gum in the gap left by the tooth, causing some discomfort and even damaging the area. Because of this, people tend to chew on the opposite side of their mouth. This over use of chewing causes wear on healthy teeth.

5. Chewing difficulties can negative affect of the swallowing process: not grinding food properly has a direct impact on digestion.

6. The existence of an empty gap between teeth implies the mobilization of the adjacent teeth towards it, even leaning and generating, therefore, occlusion problems.

7. Higher incidence of caries and periodontal disease.